Waste Disposal Fields


2018 WIP

Waste Disposal Fields: Landscape architecture solutions to ecological and public health impacts of industrial hog production operations in North Carolina

This research project brings attention to the environmental injustice facing marginalized communities in NC. By combining geospatial mapping and analysis of CFAOs and their environmental impacts, bioacoustic field recordings modulated by live environmental quality data, and community member interviews this piece brings more awareness and expression to destructive systems at work.


Hog farming is a major industry in NC and BBQ is an important part of North Carolina’s heritage, but contemporary farming practices are hazardous to local residents and devastating to the environment. Hog waste is stored in lagoons in CFAOs - then sprayed into the air in open fields which are often immediately adjacent to Black and Latine lower income neighborhoods. Land surrounding these farms is more affordable and this is where people w less resources who are already marginalized are forced to become sick due to the hog farming’s prioritization of profit over people’s health.


  • Case study

  • mapping

  • photos

  • Recordings

  • interviews

  • Live environmental quality monitoring system

EWG's EXPOSING FIELDS OF FILTH Landmark Report Maps Feces-Laden Hog and Chicken Operations in North Carolina

Surface-Water Quality in Agricultural Watersheds of the North Carolina Coastal Plain Associated with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations