Peak Discharge is a revelatory bioacoustic soundscape - a sound and video piece that utilizes water quality data to illustrate the impact of the built environment on our water system. The underwater sounds of the Lower Schuylkill River are manipulated with recontextualized water quality data from the US Geological Survey. Information representing individual ambient water quality markers is directly represented through a system of sound wave translations. The resulting piece immerses the viewer into the direct impact the constructed world has on our natural systems.



"NATURAL SELECTIONS: Learning the names, and more, of rivers through art" - Christina Catanese, Montgomery News, January 18, 2018.

“Art and data marry to illuminate stories of life on the Schuylkill River” - Patricia E. Kim, NewsWorks, StateImpact Pennsylvania, March 3, 2017.

"Art installation interprets water pollution with sound" - Susan Phillips on Peak Discharge through NewsWorks Tonight Show, WHYY through StateImpact Pennsylvania, January 16, 2017.