2018 WIP


ILLICIT DISCHARGE is an intersectional ecofeminist* noise installation that uses dynamic water quality data from the US Geological Survey to modulate field recordings and video of WAVE ORGAN and the San Francisco Bay.


WAVE ORGAN serves as a powerful piece of responsive earthworks, creating an engaging place for people to interact with the Bay, its winds, waters, cycles, and constant fluctuations. As the waves and wind crash into the instrument the sounds are amplified into a crescendo. 

ILLICIT DISCHARGE brings the Bay and WAVE ORGAN into the city through sound and video installed within a public space. It provides a mode of experiencing the Bay and WAVE ORGAN through an immersive audio piece and video projection.

Field recordings of the Bay and WAVE ORGAN are modulated using water quality data. The changes in data amplify and deconstruct the field recordings and makes space for the audience to embody these discreet changes in data.

This sonic and visual immersive experience allows an immediate engagement with understanding how changes in the water quality data disrupts the field recordings. Sound is omnipresent and this approach to data sonification creates an experience that submerges the audience into a real time data feed. 

ILLICIT DISCHARGE helps to expand awareness of the impact of the constructed environment and how artificial systems - such as those that increase the amount and impact of storm water runoff as expressed in water quality data - may affect our bodies, hearts, and minds as they disrupt the living systems which support us.


*Intersectional ecofeminism confronts the impact of the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy on the land as it is mirrored in the treatment of the bodies of women, femmes, and nonbinary people - moreso on the bodies of people of color, queer, trans, disabled, etc and those of us whose experiences exist at the intersection of these identities. As the assault on our earth continues - and increases - the treatment of vulnerable communities is heightened. The exploitation of our bodies mirrors the exploitation of the environment.