Fingers crossed for Schuylkill Center's LandLab

Completed my application for the Schuylkill Center's LandLab residency program a few weeks ago and wanted to share a few ideas I developed for the application.

This program is such an incredibly strong fit for my work and a great opportunity for my practice to become more embedded into Philly - I am honored to even have a chance to apply. 

The Schuylkill Center offers many opportunities for revelatory landscapes - ways for my process to investigate water quality, phenology, biodiversity, and migratory patterns. Included here are two project proposals:

the subtle surface: restore and reveal

The first project, located at Springhouse Pond, would comprise live underwater sound and video modulated by live environmental quality data. It would also include revelatory sculptural elements that respond to water saturation or wind patterns. Possibly, this piece could include green infrastructure and slope restoration design above the Springhouse Pond. This project would capture water quality data prior to and after stabilizing the slope to analyze the success of the project.

in bloom

The second project analyzes climate change effects on bird migration and phenology. Plants are blooming earlier than ever before. This piece would utilize ecoacoustic monitoring to evaluate the migratory patterns of birds which would be compared against changes in phenology through remote sensing vegetation analysis. The sonic and visual analysis would be modulated and revealed within the landscape - through sound, video, sculpture, or performance. The installation may have to take place at a separate (but meaningful) location so as not to disrupt bird habitat. Also, there is an opportunity to stream the data, sound, and visuals online in conjunction with compiling for further analysis.