Accumulation Zone

2018 WIP

ACCUMULATION ZONE is a series of trash island field recordings. Conceptually, this piece is an "inverse Basinski". While his masterpiece Disintegration Loops documents tape loops that gradually deteriorated over time, Accumulation Zone will comprise tracks generated from the accumulation of multiple field recordings which are traditionally used in acoustic ecology monitoring research. The layered recordings generate a visceral reaction and embodied understanding of the unanticipated impact of these increasing volumes of matter filling our oceans. 

The development and growth of trash islands have a significant impact on the feeding habits of marine life. The diffuse micro-plastic clouds are an optimal habitat for microorganisms that feed larger species, which are the primary food source for a several dolphin species. The growth and movement of the accumulation zones has a direct impact on the feeding and migration habits of these ecosystems. What does it mean when animals move away from seasonal and lunar based feeding schedules? What does this new system sound like? Can we use sound to determine pollution density, monitor the impact of pollution on these animals habitat and capture the significance of our impact on the living world?