Danielle Toronyi is a landscape architect and artist who creates revelatory landscapes by sonically and visually representing invisible changes within the land. Her work is focused on how we collectively experience, change, and learn from ecological and artificial systems.

Through analyzing the living world and built environment, she creates methods for revealing the emergence of resilient or unstable systems. Her work comprises data-driven multimedia installation, body-focused performance, drawing, and sculpture. Toronyi’s work serves as artistic research - as a tool for critical disruption on the edge of landscape architecture. Utilization of environmental data drives her conception of our world and serves as an entry point into work that is generative, revelatory, and responsive.

Toronyi earned her BFA from The University of the Arts in 2006, and her Master of Landscape Architecture from NC State University's College of Design in 2012.

Danielle Toronyi is the Research Development + Knowledge Manager at OLIN and leads OLIN LABS, a newly emergent community of practice committed to elevating collaborative design research and innovation in landscape architecture.